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Good for your taste buds AND your body!

Combining gently baked golden flakes with a variety of different flavours, Lady Sophia Granola is not only delicious, it's also full of good things!

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Full of vitamins, minerals

& antioxidants

This combo is good for your eyes, skin, heart, bones, immune system and even your mood! To be honest, given all the good it can do for your body, we're not surprised it makes you feel happier too!

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A rich source

of dietary fibre

Dietary fibre is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. It can help prevent heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, as well as assisting with weight loss and improving your digestive health.

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... and so, so

much more!

Every Lady Sophia flavour is packed with plenty of good things, so much so that we couldn't fit them all here. If you have to remember just one thing, let it be this: our granola is good for your mind, body and tummy!



Our Story

why we do what we do

Modern Life is filled with

special moments - afternoon tea in the springtime sunshine, picnicking in the park, after-work cocktails at the swankiest bar in the city, spending time with the people you love.


Lady Sophia is more than granola, it's a lifestyle food with a difference. Forget tedious toast and dreary cereal, and breakfast with sophistication. 

Our golden flakes are gently baked before being sprinkled with treats from Mother Nature. All six flavours are high in fibre, vegetarian friendly, and contain no artificial flavours!

For busy lives, there's nothing more satisfying than a helping of this luxurious rolled-oats treat. Sprinkle over ice-cream, indulge in a bowl, or munch late at night in secret!

Always elegant and undeniably delicious, Lady Sophia is for the discerning foodie who prefers the finer things in life. A little luxury never hurt anybody. Open, eat, enjoy!


The Lady Sophia team


Enjoy It

4 ways to eat our delicious granola
Snack bowl with Lady Sophia Granola
Cereal bowl with Lady Sophia Granola and milk
Yogurt pot with Lady Sophia Granola and yogurt

Whenever you feel peckish, Lady Sophia Granola always makes the perfect snack to nibble on.

Milk and cereal. Cereal and Milk. Still the most traditional way of eating our granola.

Get some Greek yogurt, add a serving of granola and finish off with fresh fruits. Yummy!

Ice cream bowl with Lady Sophia Granola on ice cream

Whether it's vanilla, strawberry or exotic passionfruit, there isn't a flavour our granola can't make better.


Our Products

Exceptionally crispy, hugely tasty
Granola with


Available in 270g & 750g

Tropical Fruits.jpg
Tropical Fruits.jpg
Granola with
Tropical Fruits


Available in 270g & 750g

Honey & Almonds.jpg
Granola with
Honey & Almonds


Available in 270g & 750g

Blackberry & Raspberry.jpg
Granola with
Blackberry & Raspberry


Available in 270g & 750g

Apple & Hazlenuts.jpg
Granola with
Apple & Hazelnut


Available in 270g & 750g

Granola with

Extra Nutty

Available in 270g & 750g


This is where you can find us

We're proud to say that LADY SOPHIA GRANOLA can be found in UK and International retailers. If you are interested in listing our products, please contact our team.